iOS-7-1 bug

iOS-7-1 bugEach new version of the software platform are Apple bugs, and iOS 7.1 is no exception. Not so long ago, we talked about one particular update that allows you to add folders to the folders. As it turned out today , another  iOS 7.1 error springboard, that enables simple manipulation using a screen to hide the application or entire folders .

In fact, applications are not removed from the mobile device. They remain in the memory of the iPhone and iPad, you can access them via Spotlight.

First you need to arrange the icons so that they occupied the entire top screen and a docking panel mobile device. At the same time on the screen should be at least one folder you want to hide the other. Now one should place an icon on the second and the moment when an action animation, grab the specified folder . Fullscreen will open the newly created directory . Now we need to let go of your finger – the folder is inside another. After that you need to extract all icons of folders , leaving a single folder. If you try to remove it from the directory , it will disappear.

This interesting bug iOS 7.1 was found user YouTube iDeviceHelpus. To return to the home screen icons , enough to reboot the device . Likewise working method to add folders to the folder.


How to hide application icons and folders in iOS 7.1:

Step 1: Position the icons so that they take up the entire screen of the device and the main dock .

Step 2: Place one screen applications folder .

Step 3: Press and hold your finger at any of the icons and move it to the second .

Step 4 : At the moment , when iOS 7.1 animation will quickly drag your finger to the desired folder.

Step 5: You will see the newly created directory .

Step 6: Select the location for the folder and release your finger – the first folder is inside the second .

Step 7: Remove the folder Now two other icons , with which it was created.

Step 8: The final extract from a folder on the home screen filled with the remaining folder – it disappears.

You can return all hidden folders and so icons on the desktop by simply rebooting the iOS 7.1 iPhone or iPad.

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