A Cheap Macbook Air Coming Later This Year


Digitimes is not really the most reliable source, they're probably just as often besides as they appear to have equal afterwards. But the rumor from DigiTimes that Apple later this year with a cheaper MacBook Air would come seems remarkable enough to do just pay attention to it. 

Apple's answer to the ultra book, which in turn is just an answer to the MacBook Air should be , would be a version of the MacBook Air to arrive but that would cost $ 799. 
And that is a whopping $200 cheaper than the cheapest model of the Air that Apple currently has to offer. If Apple will indeed would choose would be a potential problem for competition, who want the ultra-books around the 700 dollars in the market, whereby the large price difference with what Apple offers one of the selling points should be. 

And that advantage is of course much smaller than Apple itself would reduce the price. We are certainly curious if this rumor truth notorious. And if so, what the specifications of that model of the MacBook Air will be avaialble.

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