Luca Todesco has managed to jailbreak to the latest versions of iOS, and has posted a video to prove it, but what we see in it is an iPhone with iOS 9.2 on an iPhone 6.

On this occasion, Todesco recorded video as you have to do to show you have a jailbreak available: Cydia and enters can see which version of IOS are using, then after several turns the springboard, turn iPhone off and back on again, it is showing that the jailbreak is untethered (can switch off the device, turn it on and still active). In any case, it would have been really interesting to see how he does to a device with the latest version of iOS and not one that has already been released months.

Luca Todesco is not someone to go to for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad jailbreaks release. Although he has collaborated with TAIG to launch tools in the past, it’s likely that it will happen again. But if so, it will be unlikely that they will release a tool that works with the latest version of iOS before it is publicly released, especially if we consider that iOS 9.3 will include a handful of interesting news.

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