Keynote Abstract: iLife eleven, FaceTime Mac, Mac OS X 10.7, and the New MacBook Air


A couple of minutes in the past, was once held, geared up the keynote reside from City Corridor on the Apple campus in San Francisco Unsurprisingly Apple offered the brand new model of iLife, iLife eleven stamped 'FaceTime on the Mac, a preview what is going to Mac OS X 10.7 Leo, and at last the brand new MacBook Air. What do we research from this adventure? response on this abstract:


Some figures:

As with every keynote, Steve Jobs introduced the latest figures from the firm before moving on to serious things.

  • The Mac is 33% of sales of Apple
  • and represents 20.7% market share in the USA
  • Mac developers are 600 000 registered (30 000 each year)
  • 75 million visitors in the Apple Store

iLife 11 :

iPhoto 11:
iPhoto offers a new view in full screen, improvements for sharing on Facebook and sending photos by mail with a predefined template. The software also offers a new view slideshow that allows you to see directly where your photos were taken.

Keynote-iLife-2 Keynote-iLife-4

iMovie 11 ':

On the video side, the new version of iMovie is enriched by a new audio editor, a face detector to the Faces, a creator of automatic trailers, and new themes covering.


GarageBand 11 ':

Garageband has new features such as Flex Time, which allows the adjustment of rhythms of different tracks, Groove Matching, which adjusts the speed of each sound track, even more guitar amps, and new lessons assisted piano and guitar.


iWeb and iDVD are still part of the iLife package, without any major update. We thus find iWeb 3.0.2, iDVD by cons went from 7.0.4 to 7.1 without knowing yet what changes.

Price later, iLife '11 is sold $ 49 instead of $79 , but two applications have not really changed.

FaceTime on Mac OS X:

Apple has adapted the FaceTime available on the latest Mac OS X iDevices named FaceTime. The software seems to be independent of iChat. it allows you to have video calls between multiple Macs, but also between a Mac and an iPhone or iPod Touch 4 of last generation.

The beta version of FaceTime is available by following this link.


Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Steve Jobs has unveiled a preview of Mac OS X Lion who will be available during the summer of 2011. This version builds on the advances that have been introduced in IOS. It comes down to managing the multitouch further (on the trackpad or mouse via touch), the arrival of an App Store for Mac, full screen mode for applications, automatic backup of files and a function that retouver allows an application in the same condition as when you left.


Mac App Store:

The App Store for Mac copy operation from the App Store iOS. The principle is exactly the same, with a download in one click, paid and free applications, installation and automatic updates and the ability to use the applications on all his personal Mac.

The platform will be activated within 90 days. Within a month developers can begin submitting their (s) application (s).



LaunchPad and Mission Control:

LaunchPad is the equivalent for the Mac on the home screen iOS. It starts in full screen, you can change the order of applications, create groups … all like what we already know well on devices with IOS.


Mission Control is a way of seeing everything that happens on your Mac and quick access to one of them. It is a sort of Expose, but better. In fact, it replaces Exposé, Dashboard and Spaces and presents all these elements into one accessible interface in a single gesture. Application windows are grouped in a stack, automatically, with all windows associated attached.


Not all the news of Mac OS X Leo, Apple probably keep some surprises, probably for the WWDC 2011.

One More Thing: Mac Book Air

To close the keynote, Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air: It looks like a fusion between the MacBook and the iPad, with a firing faster and better battery life (wifi and 7h in 30 hours in standby)

The device comes in two sizes, a 13.3 "(with a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels), a Core2Duo processor 1.86-GHz chip and a NVidia GeForce 320. The other 11.6 "(with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels) with similar characteristics, except for the processor is a Core2Duo 1.4 GHz.


As with the previous generation, these two versions are free of optical drive.

Prices will range between $1,299 for 128GB and $1,599, depending on the type of flash memory onboard. The capacity will range from 64 to 256 GB

The new MacBook is available deka Apple.


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