A File System Protogon Reference Found in Windows 8


The file techniques is slightly steady at Microsoft for years. A file gadget Protogon has been present in Home windows eight. The technology of sustained FAT32,  NTFS assaults  with the appearance of Home windows XP that enshrined the NT kernel in most of the people. Because NTFS is stronger with every model, however the core know-how continues to be mainly the identical. And if issues modified with Home windows eight?


Back to the Future

The evolution of file systems at Microsoft includes a special chapter: WinFS. The latter was extensively debated at the time of the genesis of Vista. Many described it as an entirely new file system capable of supporting operations usually reserved for databases. Only part was true.

WinFS was well designed to provide capabilities such as transactions across the file system, but was not one himself. He stayed in the "collective unconscious&qu
ot; as the successor to NTFS that has never been, which is a mistake: it was an overlay to NTFS.

The technologies developed at that time did not mean lost. They were incorporated into the development of SQL Server and many of them are currently in version 2008 R2 system database home.

The reference to Protogon

Within a version of Windows 8 Alpha strolling currently in the wild, Sandro Villinger home ITWorld found a reference to a new system driver file named "MS Protogon FS driver. He said the driver resid
es in kernel space, but was unable to learn, including whether it was a complete new file system, or adding more minor.

Mary-Jo Foley at ZDnet has in turn addressed the issue. Through a discussion with Rafael Rivera of "WithinWindows" they came to the conclusion that Protogon was furious tunes from past projects. According to Rivera, whatever is Protogon, it " seems to integrate concepts related to databases, such as transactions, cursors, tables and records . "

Another indication pointing to a possible replacement for NTFS, or at least its emulation if necessary. Rivera was also felt that this could be an update of the storage engine Jet Blue.


If Protogon should be confirmed, it's not for now. Today probably marks a watershed in information about Windows 8, because tonight will be two demonstrations of the system: one at the conference of All Tings D9 Digital, the other at Computex. Rumor has it that the interface is revealed for the shelves, but one inside the other, Microsoft is surely yet to touch on the technical aspect of the system.

The answer will probably come in the months ahead. At TechDays 2011, we had indicated that th
e summer would be full of information.


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