Something funny thing happened on the Chinese border. Border officials in Futian District arrested a resident of Hong Kong, who tried to smuggle 94 iPhone units in China. Phones were strapped to the body with electrical tape. According to border guards, unusual gait and shy young man (caused, of course, a huge number of smart phones glued to the body) has attracted the attention. After inspection of personal belongings nothing suspicious was found. Then woe-smuggler asked to go through a metal detector, said border guards check on additional loads on the man’s body.

This method of smuggling is not something new, popularly referred to as “mobile armor.” Recall that sales of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in China started in mid-October last year. The minimum cost is $860 smartphones, they are two average monthly salaries of private sector employees in China.

The Chinese site Sina (via The Verge) tells the story: imagine that you are a security guard and you see a young man walking in a strange way, like an automaton, tense and without bending the joints. A logical wakeup call and a subsequent review showed all those stolen iPhone 6 and 6 plus, which usually tend to take China for resale.

Nicknamed already iPhoneMan on social networks, The value of these 94 iPhone is estimated at $49,000. The phones have been confiscated, and the responsible person will have to face criminal charges.

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