Apple is preparing for an early April new press convention in regards to the  iOS 5 and the remodel of MobileMe. The German website Macerkopf reveals that agenda.


In the previous keynote presentation iPad 2 , it was hoped already get a glimpse of the next major upgrade of IOS. Finally,  which highlighted iOS 4.3. A iOS 4.3 which could be distributed tomorrow, Wednesday, March 11th rather than as announced by Apple.

The other big piece would be MobileMe with an array of new services and perhaps a form of gratuity at the end . Even though this event would be held on that date, nothing says IOS 5 would be immediately available. They would see, however, the availability of a Developer version.

Consider what was hot enough, Apple announced that for once she officially launch very Mac OS X Lion . Two major system revisions that year, it would be a nice feat.


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