A – Jays One – The Ultimate Headphones



A-Jays One headphones sound great, have a good easy to manage cord plus they are supplied with several pairs of different sized sleeves to ensure they easily fit in to your ears.

The headphones appear to be a standard set of two headphones, except for the usage of a toned cable rather than a thin and simple to tangle cord. A-jays one headphone has a cost-effective price range also these headphones are well supported by android & apple devices

The a-jays one headphone has a wide range for iPhone 5 headphones.

These headphones have a built in microphone for phone calls & a remote control to provide you control over music, A-Jays One works with most Samsung, Android, Motorola, Blackberry & Apple devices


The most interesting thing about a-Jays one design isn’t much the head buds independently, which are a regular bud design only enlivened with the different-sized  sleeves, the cable, which rather than the customary around, is as an alternative 115cm  flat dark cable. Within your preference of silicone sleeves lies an 8.6mm speaker with a declared frequency series of 20 to 18,000 Hz. These entry level speakers are mainly adjusted for high bass frequencies.

The  1. 1 m lead cable ends in a direct 3. 5mm jack port, though, it’s the sound top quality that concerns most along with we think you can not go wrong with the a-Jays One; they produce amazing music sound effects also this is a best choice for iPhone 5 headphones for track fans because of its excessive bass and clear sound high quality, these headphones have to be on the prime of checklist should you price very good audio high quality.




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