A larger demand for buying an iPhone 6 Plus in China to increase supply



The iPhone 6 has come to China amid great excitement. As shown in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales, buyers are literally in need of a larger smartphone from Apple. Model with a large amount of internal memory flew like hotcakes and stocks of iPhone 6 Plus were simply not ready for such a development. Particularly acute this problem came to the leadership after Apple began sales of the new generation iPhone in China. It is expected that the findings of the current situation will be followed immediately.

As shown by sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China that started last Friday, the majority of buyers, including those who pre-order the device, gave preference to planshetofonu from Apple. Of course, this has further aggravated the situation with the lack of iPhone 6 Plus, which is observed worldwide.

According to Digitimes, Apple’s once again decided to change the proportion in which the new smart phones are available. Initially, the ratio was 70:30 or 65:35 in favor of the iPhone 6. However, the high demand for the iPhone 6 Plus other conditions dictate. It is expected that production will now distributed as 55:45. In other words, 4,7 and 5.5-inch smartphone will be off the production line in Foxconn almost equal amounts. It is worth noting that earlier analysts expressed much more bold assumption, where iPhone 6 Plus was given to 60% of production capacity.

As Tim Cook said during the announcement of the financial results of the last quarter, the demand for new smartphones greatly exceeded the capacity of Apple and its partners to produce devices. Surely the main effort will be made to overcome the deficit, especially in anticipation of the upcoming holiday period inexorably.

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