A micro USB port for the iPhone 4S


As a few of you can also comprehend, a pleasant European legislation has tried to maneuver our favourite producers by means of imposing a regular degree of apparatus to recharge our telephones. And expertise has been chosen, it’s clearly the micro USB port ! Amaziiiing! However then, it’s going to most definitely escaped no person, the iPhone 4S offers exactly the same landlord port than its predecessors and most of iDevices. 


 That's no problem because Apple decided to enforce the law in his own way by throwing a … micro USB adapter . What a rascal, what Tim Cook, right?

And attention, because it is not free. It would be a little doubt but we still know that this adapter will cost you a whopping $ 9 euros. Further note that it is compatible with the iPhone 4S , the four iPhone , the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G . Finally, it's a bit expensive, yes, but when you love, it does not, of course. That said, I'm not sure that anyone who has a mobile apples will jump on it. Because, well, think about taking with it its own cable, charger and adapter to perk up the battery from the smartphone, it's just a tad clumsy.


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