A minor update to Windows Phone 7 WP7 Tango


MSDN taking part in a seminar held in Hong Kong, Microsoft has had to speak about the next update of Windows Phone 7 , an update that we already know the name of … Tango ! Olé! And contrary to what one might think, the next update should not embark revolutionary features.Rather, the objective of the firm would simply occupy the land until the arrival of Windows 8 and its mobile, Windows Phone Apollo 8 .


And of course, we do not know much about it. That said, given the information disclosed by the firm during the last BUILD, we can do a lot of assumptions. As we know, ultimately, because Microsoft wants to merge all its platforms in a single operating system. Windows 8 will enable officers of both worlds and settle on a computer as well as a touch pad. We think, moreover, Samsung tablet unveiled at the conference, a tablet which is actually a hybrid device can be used as a slate or as a netbook.

In this context, one can imagine that Windows Phone Apollo 8 is an opportunity for Redmond to push a little further on the concept. By combining the latest technology of the firm with a hint of cloud, it would be possible to find her working environment from any terminal. All withautomatic synchronization of files and documents of the user, of course. Casually, this idea is quite appealing, right? You start to work on a folder on your bike, then you continued on your slate before enjoying your cigarette break to correct the mistakes from your mobile. Nice.

M'enfin, where we start from a bit far. Going back to that famous conference and Tango, Microsoft has also promised cheaper mobile phones. At the same time, when we see the technical specifications of Mobile Phone with Windows 7, we said it would not be a bad … In my case, I am still missing two or three things to Windows 7 Phone, including the ability to distribute the tiles on several home screens (one slide to the left and you're done) or the rates more affordable on the Marketplace.


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