A new design concept for the Samsung Galaxy S3 appeared


Nowadays's rumors is concerning the Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked even a brand new design idea. The idea that is slightly just like what used to be supplied with the iPhone 5 mockup, but this is also already on the previous design  too. Of course it is also in this picture is just a concept, which was created by an industrious designer, so we can not assume that the final product corresponds to the mockup.


 In just two months the Galaxy S3 are presented and are certainly still some mockups for the big brother of the Samsung S2 Galaxy  published. Apparently, the mockup trend has also transferred from iPhone to Android devices.

As can be seen in the picture very well, the device resembles the shape alone of the Galaxy Nexus , because this begins at the end is very thin and slightly thicker. Similarly, it has the typical back, when the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S2 is used. To think of the comparison to the little brother better, follows a compiled image comparison.

However, the Galaxy will probably have no S3 hardware button more, as this would be the smartphone, despite the huge displays that do not act much larger than its predecessor. Even if the pictures are just a nice taste of the final product might look like the flagship of Samsung. This guarantees a very handsome Android device will come on the market.  

What do you think about  the Samsung Galaxy S3 concept?


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