A photograph of the purportedly iPad fifth generation rear panel



Before the advent of iPad mini rumors circulated that a seven-inch tablet will resemble the appearance of his older brother, but the size will be smaller. This information was quickly denied leaking components, and then the official presentation of the tablet – the device has a completely new design.

However, Now rumors have changed the other way around, and Chinese sources of Apple supply chains claim that Apple uses design “mini” in the fifth generation iPad. It is believed that the rear panel of the new tablet will be a full-size black or silver, will become thinner and more rounded . Front of the iPad screen frame is reduced, making the tablet a little less. Resource 9to5mac got pictures back black iPad, which was an exact copy of the relevant details of iPad mini, except for the ten-inch display. 


Initially, sources claimed that Apple plans to update the spring plates, but later all agreed that the presentation does not need to wait until the autumn. There is no reason not to believe that the housing of the tablet real, but surprised that there was a leak components so early. If the item is a real iPad, given the time of its appearance, it is easy to believe in the spring presentation of new tablets. 

ipad5partside thumb_10609751074c4cc770a

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