A PlayStation 3? An Xbox 360? Why not both?


It is a mod which must please folks who nonetheless cannot make a choice from the Playstations and Xbox 360For certainly, an awfully neatly encouraged handyman had the loopy thought to mix the 2 consoles in a single unit . Sure, identical to a pc, it's utterly the idea. A loopy job, it's real, and some huge cash invested on this superb mission, however the end result must depart nogamer detached. 


No, and even if you do not play video games for a long time, chances are you will not miss to take your hat to the author of this incredible creation.

I think the photos that accompany this article by themselves. To carry out its project, the author of this mod was first started by emptying the bowels of his two game consoles . For that alone, it must be pretty motivated. Then he grabbed a unit that was lying in a dark corner of his apartment and the man began his office. Hop, a stroke of screwdrivers, hop, a helping jigsaw, hop two or three tubes of glue and this is the work. Well, the guy should not be clear in his head but I must admit that it is still pretty damn cheeky.

Especially since the big problem of our consoles "next gen" (well they are no longer so "next gen" than that) , it is obviously the temperature they yield. Or just lack of a well-filled bank account, our brave modder could not opt for good old watercooling and it's finally fall back on a cooling solution based on traditional fans. And the best in history is that its solution seems to have paid off. Personally, I would frankly do not put my hand to be cut but must say that I am a quiche in electronics so here goes.


And finally, I think the big big hearts, in the story is when you open the tower. Here, clearly, within this unit really encourages compliance. Same also for the front. Find next to the drive of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that of , it really is not current.

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