A Real iPhone Table!!!


 Venture Join is the desk that will allow an iPhone to be linked to a desk with a monitor fifty eight "(it’s straightforward and supplied by way of the OS), however this reveal is multitouch and might power the iPhone (that's already tougher). After a number of photographs have been posted a video of this undertaking.

Iphone table

Problem: When launching the application for jailbroken iPhone is supposed to be the crux of the system, the demonstrator also supports the button on standby for his iPhone. Another problem: the photos are on  the project site are photoshoppées by a child of 8 years. Latest issue: the prohibitive cost of a slab 58 "(150cm) Multipoint, if indeed he is in production. All could a nice mount, the scope of one who has mastered a little After Effects able to protect its effects.

But frankly, play Freuit Ninja on his coffee table? That is priceless.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCbSwOgNzZg&fs=1]


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