Zynga, it seems that, may also be performed within the spirit of traditional seminars “The way to wreck your small business on 10 days .” Highly effective firms , as soon as nearly on my own which launched a browser and cell gaming in after just a few miscalculations level sank – and started desperately to climb out . The primary makes an attempt had been , to position it mildly , bizarre : as an instance, for some purpose, for a fortune lured prime supervisor “Microsoft” . However , over time , the authors of the style ” chuffed farm ” groped the suitable approach – and, judging with the aid of these days’s Skateboard Slam, go proper the deliberate direction .Skateboard-Slam-5


Game about skateboards – a win-win . Ready , essentially setting ( urbanism , easy crazy ) already invented mechanics ( manufacture tricks on the board) and plenty of room for the donation ( as on some colorings for boards can earn ) . Skateboard Slam these requirements are met , but something is different from many colleagues in the genre .

Side view . Skateboarder rides himself . Before him – a small piece of diluted obstacles: ramps , railings , benches and much more than . Your task – time to strike sharply on the screen up, down , left, right . From these movements skater takes to the air and let’s get up , and backflip here only in the base program. Camera close to the shoulders of the hero , and he acquires a little like a racing machine .

Manage comfortable, even if you do not say – a little primitive . It is not necessary to control skateboarder , trying to hit the ramp (not asphalt) and do other perversions . Just do not overdo it : hanging in the air, great chance to twist the board around the head and knees to dive into the concrete.

However, thanks to correctly picked the motivation to do this quite interesting. You constantly throw up new tasks : to make five consecutive such a trick , jump through such and such projections . This spurs , it makes a call to take – well , do not wince . In particularly problematic cases offer to fight with rival – there is not much to technical finesse , just to get there first. But all this – a preparation for multiplayer . There is about the same , but with emotions : the villain in the neighborhood, perhaps your friend , so – should smudge it on the wall . Accelerate bluffing , they go to the grave – but in the end , win. Invaluable experience.

Skateboard Slam, as is customary in ancient times Zynga, perfectly drawn – and does not require large resources ; iPhone 4s pulls the game to cheer. On your skateboarder seen all folds from under his flying – wheel unit and then takes a shower of sparks . Very showy , elegant game , especially good background – from the cemetery to the vast deserts.

But that Zynga is not typical – game fee. Bit (30 rubles), but given the fact that the free-to-play works in full growth – it looks weird. Although, the gameplay itself can affect the money is not much : Well , buy a pair of accelerators. Basically – money spent on costumes that look like crazy exhibition : invited to dress up , for example, an alien .

In general , Skateboard Slam success. It’s a fun , simple but addictive arcade game about one of the most dangerous and fascinating city sports. The iOS game can be found in the App Store [Link]

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