The Loop forward an interesting scenario on how the upcoming MobileMe would work. In an article yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that leaned against a streaming service providing access to its iTunes libraries as well as photos and video. Another rumor speaks of a new iPhone lacks storage capacity for third party content.


All things suggesting that each user of MobileMe would be given a fairly substantial storage space on Apple's servers. In The Loop, it should perhaps look at things differently, MobileMe would be a bridge between iPhone, Touch, iPad and Mac user.

MobileMe not only store your iTunes library as it is already on your computer, but you would from your iPhone, visit the remote and start playing the music or streaming of the selected list. You'd be the host and MobileMe facilitate the connection of all these devices. MobileMe already offers a function to access your Mac remotely from another Mac.

Another suggestion, it works for documents. Since its iPad download is a document that you want to edit and all other devices are synchronized with the same file and its revisions. In this case also the need iDisk (if you can describe things like that given the performance of the service) would become obsolete.

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