A security vulnerability on HTC’s Android mobile!


That is an data that will have to passion all folks who have a cell HTC running Google Android. For indeed, a talented developer named Trevor Eckhart managed to find a vulnerability offers following the manufacturer HTC Sense. A flaw that affects all smartphones like the recent Thunderbolt and Evo series and that would allow malicious people to recover some data from the user . 


 Why? Well its network connections, the last GPS position … or contacts. This means that the Taiwanese company will have some work to do to make adjustments …

From all we know is the service "HTC Logger" that would be involved. For those who like me had not heard until now, be aware that this service allows the manufacturer to collect anonymous information about your phone and use you make of it. Rest assured, there is no question of recovering the phone number of all the girls in your address book, but simply to improve the products of the firm. An explanation that is sure to grind a few teeth, that we understand completely. Note however that HTC is not the only manufacturer to do so.

But the problem with the "HTC Logger" is that any application can ask him to send the famous information. Engineers at the firm did not think to implement a control system or authentication to their tool and this means that any developer can pretend to HTC and recover your valuable data without you even knowledge. Not good, for sure. Yes, and the worst is yet to come as the builder will start by checking the statements of Trevor before working on a fix. In other words, it may take a while before your phone is fully secure.


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