In line with Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora, a con man of 20 years was arrested Thursday in the central city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. His crime: embezzlement. Or rather the embezzlement of boxes and then he sold online internet boxes empty. 


After all, this is not a crime and everyone is entitled to sell empty boxes. Check ebay and you will find boxes and packaging of all orders for sale. In the case of the offender there was misrepresentation of the product. In fact, the seller offered the iPhone but finally gleaning the empty package.

The investigation began after a complaint has been filed by victims. The arrest was conducted by agents of the Crimes Bureau of the computer. The police is now trying to find out if there are other victims. Shop on the internet as it is eye opening and well informed before purchasing. It is true that with ads enticing white iPhone or other iDevices at unbeatable prices may be tempted to buy online.
Finally, in this case, even for a fan it is expensive packing box.

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