A Thief walks into Find My iPhone trap


It's all the time enjoyable to examine anyone's iPhone in finding with To find My iPhone. Nikos Kakavoulis, founding father of trip carrier publication 'The Day by day Secret "had agreed quite a lot of builders at Starbucks in Athens. All the way through his seek advice from, rest room iPhone on the threshold of the sink go away. However happily there may be all the time To find My iPhone used to be one of the crucial builders and a pc with him to take a look at the positioning. And positive sufficient, the iPhone was once nonetheless within the Starbucks retailer to be existing! Simply name had no impact for the reason that cellphone used to be on mute. 

But with a special button in Find My iPhone allows you to play an alarm sound and it seemed to work: the sound came from the direction of a couple with a baby, that two tables away Sat 
The man in question (see photo) but if he did not hear.

Nikos walked back to his table and let the sound play again. Then, the man finally won, "Oh, is this your phone? I found him on the floor. " The woman added: "You have him back, what's your problem?" No excuses left for the couple, then to come back because they do sunglasses were lost … Nikos has h
is iPhone back and 
a good story to tell his friends.


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