The White iPhone four is predicted because the unencumber of the black model, and the extra time passes, the possibilities of its unlock earlier than the iPhone 5 are slim. In the meantime, on a Chinese forum, there are pictures of a transparent iPhone 4 …  in which all the internal mechanics are visible .


This change alters the general appearance of the iPhone 4 and gives it a somewhat fragile, as if there was nothing to protect components. Yet there is apparently an iPhone shell 4 standard which has been specially treated to remove all the paint. The hull would be glass and the iPhone would be as strong as ever.


This solution is not impossible, but the operation would be very difficult to achieve given that the screen is stuck on the glass front and the rear is actually made of a thin glass plate bonded to a layer plastic. So it is perhaps a clear plastic shell, especially as the font used for the word "iPhone" differs slightly from that used by Apple.(via TUAW)

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