A Trojan horse in Energizer Duo USB Charger Infects PCs


 Energizer Duo connects to a USB port to recharge AA or AAA batteries. It’s geared up with tool to control these refills. And it used to be in her womb that sailed the malicious code. This code (analyzed through Symantec) backdoor is a backdoor which permits a far flung consumer by way of TCP port 7777 to ship or to import or execute recordsdata on the computer fallibl
e. The trojan is within the file Arucer.dll, registered within the System32 folder. This file is referred to as with the aid of UsbCharger.dll, different instrument put in through Energizer Duo by means of RunDLL32.exe. For excellent measure, Arucer.dll modifies the registry to run at each Home windows startup

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