A USB Concept With Three MicroSD


No want to shout for pleasure, chums, since the accent you'll to find in the remainder of this text is simplest an idea and it’ll almost certainly by no means marketed. Clearly, it's very unhappy and it will in reality a perfect builder going into the nook and offers lifestyles to this very authentic venture. For certainly, this usb has nothing to do with what’s on hand in the marketplace. And no, as a result of it embeds three web sites devoted to microSD playing cards.


This concept does not offer anything very complicated. A compartment with sliding walls to show or hide the connector and the microSD compartment dedicated to a modern design and angular, a firmware that runs well behind and it's over. I am not a specialist but a device like this should not necessarily be very expensive to produce.


In all cases, there is an original, interesting and could really use to us. Indeed, a user with this key might well suit their needs. For those who are not greedy, three microSD 2 GB could well suffice. However, if your needs are greater, then why not glue two cards of 16 GB and 8 GB? 40 Go to the bottom of the pocket, it's a rather attractive idea, huh … Especially since the microSD can contain more data and it will probably end up exploding the quotas now in the years to come. Collector_usb4

No, really, is a product that makes sense and that could well change our lives. Rather than go cover an event and you lug around with your external hard drive to dump your camera, you hop steins one or two keys like this and you're alright. Well, you'll always have your gear photo / video and your laptop to carry, sure, but still it will do you a bit more room in your bag-to-back.


In short, everything that can be hoped is that the middle box goes in the corner, falls on this concept, leading a small check to the guy who laid eggs and sells very quickly in stride. Besides, if so, then what would be even better is to incorporate a small switch that allows us to choose if you want to duplicate our data on all three cards or use them all together to increase our storage capacity.

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