A vulnerability in iOS 7 lets in to circumvent lock monitor password [video]


iOS-7-slide-to-unlock-teaser-1Apple released a new operating system iOS 7, in which serious vulnerability was found. It allows anyone to bypass the input PIN- code on the lock screen “Apple ” mobile devices. With this bug , you can access the personal information the owner of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad , bypassing the password.

According to AllThingsD, the firmware iOS 7 contains a vulnerability that allows unauthorized users to gain access to personal data of the owner of iOS- devices – contacts , photos and other applications. Fortunately , to eliminate this bug enough disable access to the control point from the lock screen .

Loophole through which you can bypass the password protection for the iPhone and iPad, a resident of the Canary Islands found Jose Rodriguez. Following a few simple steps , anyone can view contacts and photos, send emails and SMS. The sequence of actions includes the use of the control point and alarm clock.

How to bypass the password on the iPhone and iPad iOS 7 , demonstrated in the video below:

The sequence of actions to unlock iOS- devices goes as follow:

  • Take a swipe over the screen lock to trigger control point .
  • Open the Clock.
  • Press and hold the power button until the ” Off ” and ” Cancel .”
  • Click “Cancel” , and then double -clicking on the Home button, call the multitasking bar .
  • Now you have access to all the applications running in the background .

AllThingsD talked about that Apple is privy to this malicious program repair and put together to replace to iOS 7.zero.1/7.zero.2.

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