A worm targets Mac OS X to launch DDoS attacks


Consultants from Eset safety cupboard introduced that they’ve revealed the existence of a brand new worm focused on Mac OS X.In the beginning recognized in 2002 because the Linux / Tsunami or Troj / Kaiten on GNU / Linux, malware in query has been rewritten to be put in on Apple machines. This variant, renamed OSX / Tsunami.A is straight away managed by way of IRC from a faraway server.


 According to specialists of Eset, each infected computer becomes a zombie machines forming a botnet running and, unbeknownst to the victim of DDoS attacks against certain Web sites. In addition to operating the organized attacks, the hacker would also be able to download a file on the victim machine and update the malware. Esset and Sophos announced that they have updated their antivirus respective face this new threat.

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