AcerCloud: The Taiwanese manufacturer Acer copy the Apple iCloud?


Here’s a slightly information that must annoy Apple which is already busy battleling concerns with Samsung. At the moment, at CES in Las Vegas, the Taiwanese producer Acer has taken over the Airport emblem in a panel of Cupertino firm's trade, for current its new file storage within the cloud. The error can have stopped there, however that's no longer all since the whole panel is harking back to Apple! Choose for your self.

Acer_cloud_vs_icloud (1)
The poster of the Taiwanese manufacturer is a true copy of Apple's presentation of icloud in the 2011 keynote. The resemblance is so striking that for a moment it almost difficult to know who is who. If using a cloud seems a necessary step that is difficult to blame the manufacturer (no 150 ways to draw a cloud …), instead of its present arrangement as similar billboard is much less. Note the difference: the tablet is on the left and right at Apple, Acer. After Samsung, Acer would be to be in severe lack of imagination?

Acer misses his demonstration in CES Las Vegas

And if the panel used by Acer was the image of its new service, that is to say not innovative? Like the icloud Apple AcerCloud allows users to distribute their files across multiple devices (computer, touch pad, smartphone) with an online storage limited to 30 days. An example: thanks to PicStream service, it will be possible to automatically transfer pictures taken with their mobile Android (and Windows Phone later) to your computer. Same thing concerning the documents.At Apple, icloud Documents syncs documents between iWork and Mac iOS terminals through the web interface, something that is also AcerCloud for 30 days. However, while iTunes Match can effectively store their music titles on the "cloud" AcerCloud simply stream from the PC, much less that sticks to the concept, show the American media. To top it off, according to Forbes , the presentation of this feature to the press in Las Vegas was a failure this weekend. A bad start for Acer.

The Taiwanese company, however, more time in front of her to rework her image and refine its service. AcerCloud is expected in the United States in the second quarter of this year. And it was not until the fourth to view land elsewhere in the world.

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