windows10-1One of the improvements that anyone can receive after trying Windows 10 is the boot is significantly faster than previous systems. Microsoft has worked hard the code for them to load only the essential services and delivers a well optimized system as standard, which requires little maintenance by the user or third party software.

If you bought a new computer with Windows 10 and serial or have performed a clean installation of the system you are probably already configured correctly ye kickstart. If, however, you have upgraded from earlier versions of Windows we recommend the following steps to improve the startup speed of your system:

  • For quick access to the startup configuration, type the word Control Panel\All Control Panel Items in the search bar and click on Power Options.
  • In the options panel on the left, select Choose what the power buttons do.
  • Click on the link Change settings that are currently unavailable (you may be prompted username and password)
  • Finally, under shutdown settings check Enable Turn on Fast Start and save your changes.

Activate Fast Start On Windows 10_control_panel_-_power_button_thumbActivate-quick start windows 10_power_options

This option speeds up the operating system boot when boot the computer from scratch, does not affect the speed of restart. If you want to further optimize your system, we recommend you consult this article.

Important Note: If, with Windows 10, you have installed another operating system (dual boot configuration) you should not enable this option because it will cause problems at startup.

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