Activate iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G iOS 4.0.1 without original SIM[video]


Sherif Hashim has found out a solution to spark off the entire generations of the iPhone with out the want to use the unique SIM card.

As talked about Sheriff Hashim, the hacker who found out the take advantage of to liberate the baseband 12.05.2001 / 05.thirteen.2004, iTunes can prompt the iPhone the use of a unique SIM card known as "SIM Phonebook", it may be bought at RadioShack or any cellphone save cellular.

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Phonebook SIM cards / One SIM serve to transfer contacts from one mobile device to another different number, works with any GSM mobile device


However, it is necessary to highlight the difference between activating and releasing. The Phonebook SIM to activate iPhone to use it as an iPod Touch, just go from black screen where activation is requested to enter a correct SIM.


Upon activation SIM mentioned using iTunes, you can use the iPhone as an iPod Touch until you apply the release / unlock.






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