Activate Split View Multitasking In The iPhone 6s



The release of iOS 9 brought many features included split view on the iPad Pro, it appears that Apple is betting on trying to differentiate the versions of iPhone and iPad. The proof is that in the iPad version can perform some functions that can not be done on the iPhone, obviously because of screen size. We are talking about the Split View and Slide Over function.

Split View allows to open two applications together on the screen of your iPad and interact with both at once while Slide Over allows to open other applications to be used without the need of closing them.

But as usual thanks to Jailbreak we can perform the same functions on your iPhone you can do on the iPad. There is Cydia tweak called Splitify found in the BigBoss repo for free. But not only allows us to add the Split View feature on the iPhone, but also allows us to change the screen orientation in the 4.7-inch models, because in the 5.5-inch, this option is enabled by iOS 9 natively.

Splitify is a new Cydia tweak developed by Maximehip which allows you to enjoy the Split View mode on your iPhone while it is normally reserved for recent iPad. The user is able to use two applications simultaneously.

Once we installed the tweak should position the iPhone horizontally and swipe from the right side of the screen to open the Slide Over function. Once we have selected the application you want to open on the screen in combination with already have open, we click on it and slid the separator line halfway down the screen to view both applications are fit and can interact with both without an application overlaps the other.

The iPhone screen is either 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch is a tad small to make productive use of this feature. If the iPad Mini is already somewhat difficult to use on the iPhone. This feature only works if the iPhone is in landscape mode. If put in portrait mode,  the iPhone can only use the Slide function.

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