Activator, and AppList Flipswitch are already compatible with iOS 8 Jailbreak

Ryan Petrich is one of the most famous in the world of developers and Cydia tweaks. This has launched a new update for some of its most famous tweaks to make them compatible with the new iOS 8 Jailbreak, talking about Activator, and AppList Flipswitch, which are within its own repository which is currently in beta. Here we explain how to install these new tweak in iOS 8 and later versions of the mobile operating system from Apple Jailbreak.
How to install Activator, AppList Flipswitch new repository
Activator is certainly one of the most important tweaks the famous developer and which is part of the headlining all tweaks, this is because there are many other tweaks that depend on this basic functionality for operation.
To install Activator now supports iOS 8 will need to have an iPhone with iOS 8.x Jailbreak. So, even if you have not jailbreak your device, you can follow our complete guide to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.x, if you are not very skilled, use the tool to automatically install Cydia.
Then we leave the steps to install these tweaks once done the jailbreak and install Cydia:
  • Open Cydia.
  • Go to Sources (Sources)> Edit (Edit)> Add (Add).
  • Enter the URL of the repository Ryan Petrich, which is:
  • We confirm the addition of the new repository and wait for the content to load quickly Cydia.
  • Once you have added the repository to Cydia we pass downloadable versions of Activator, Flipswitch compatible with iOS AppList.
Activator is one of the most acclaimed Cydia Tweaks
Now, after adding Ryan Petrich’s beta repository, we can receive all the latest updated versions of their Cydia tweaks directly. Obviously, the availability of iOS Activator 8 will allow us to enjoy more soon through Cydia tweaks that work directly with this tweak as a basis for its main functions, as is the case Flipswitch and AppList. Were you hoping that Activator was compatible with the new iOS 8 Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad?

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