Activision Acquired Candy Crush Saga Maker King For $5.9 Billion



Candy Crush hit the market a couple of years ago to raze. During these years he has always been among the top positions in qualifying income from the App Store and Google Play, but not only there, but has adapted and is now available on all platforms most commonly used market.
The last movement of this developer was to reach an agreement with Microsoft to integrate natively within the operating system Windows 10, so that nothing can install it and enjoy the game. This game that has hooked millions of users worldwide, has tried to follow the same type of games, but with less success as Soda Candy Crush Saga.


Activision Blizzard has just reached an agreement with the company King, owner of the popular Candy Crush Saga for the purchase of the company for $5.9 Billion. Despite having a couple of years in the market, Candy Crush remains of the games that most raised through integrated and the proof purchases are more than 470 million players enjoy through different devices and networks social where available. About a year ago, the company tried to register the word Candy as their own to prevent apps developers make use of it to create similar applications  .

Following this acquisition Activision become the developer currently the most popular games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. The deal was closed earlier this year at the headquarters in Ireland,  King has like most technology companies benefit from low corporate tax in the country. King earned a net profit of $1.4 billion during the one year, and during the first half of this year, the company made a profit of $530 million.

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