Add unicode face keyboard to a jailbroken iPhone



Unicode is a character encoding standard created to facilitate computer processing, display of text in multiple languages ​​and the transmission thereof. In Unicode we can find all the characters in common use today. They are currently more and 100,000 characters used by Unicode.

Faces Unicode is a new tweak that allows us to use faces created in this format on the device they have done Jailbreak. It is compatible with IOS 8 and offers a dozen of the most commonly used Unicode faces.

This tweak is available for download completely free of charge on the BigBoss repo. The only option that allows us to configure is the time to open the window where are shown: long press of the space bar or long press icon emoticons, for this we will have to install Activator if or if.
When we are in the text and we want to open the window where Unicode is to add to a conversation or text, will press and keep pressing the space bar or the icon emojis (as we have configured). Then a menu with a dozen codes that can be used is displayed. To insert the text, just we have to click on any of them. Unlike keyboards, no need to copy and paste later, but directly appear in the text box where you are writing.

If you have not Jailbreak you want to use them but the only possibility is that someone sends Unicode keeping faces and go in a note to quickly access them.

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