Adobe Flash to Finally be Available on the iPhone and iPad iOS Devices


It appears Adobe has gained presentations within the Flash debate surrounding the iPhone and iPad . Adobe has announced that software into your Flash content for playback on an iOS device.With third party software was playing Flash content already possible, to Skyfire Web Browser . In the solution of Adobe's chosen a server-based transformation: a server updates the Flash stream and then sends it to an iOS device.


 See a particular website on the desktop, it will be presented in Flash. The same website on your IOS device, however, will appear in HTML5 format.

Flash support with a Flash Player plug-in is therefore no longer necessary. Incidentally, not all Flash content playable on an iPhone or iPad . The site must be created with Adobe Flash Server 4.5. Adobe announced last June already, that they would adapt Adobe Flash Builder . Flex 4.5 also got a facelift to the software suitable for creating iOS apps.

Adobe's solution actually means that they won in the battle with Apple regarding Flash. The plan was for IOS and various other smartphone platforms to a Flash player, but that was soon interrupted by Apple. Steve Jobs thought that Flash was an outdated technology. On Android is version 2.2 is able to play Flash content, but it requires a lot of the processor. Being able to play Flash content is still widely used as an argument for buying an Android device.

Early August, the hacker known Comex possible to install Flash on the iPhone 4. You had to jailbreak the device sure, such as the cracked version of Flash called an iPhone 3G, iPad and iPod touch. 


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