Adobe Gave up Flash for Mobiles


Steve Jobs wins a posthumous victory! In asserting his abandonment of the improvement of Flash on cell browsers, Adobe is of the same opinion with Steve Jobs and his technique of "  Flash, no thanks ". Administration of Flash, very bandwidth intensive, remained probably the most handiest arguments opponents of Apple permitting them to face out from the Apple cell units. "  This pill can learn the flash it ! "May we hear them say.


In March 2010, during his life, Steve Jobs had exposed the many arguments against the Flash, while showing his great interest in an alternative: the HTML 5.0. The points on which iPapy returned were:

  1. The fact that Flash is not a free format, but owned by Adobe.
  2. The fact that most of the videos on the Web can be read on iPhone and iPad, except … the pubs!
  3. "Who needs Flash games? It has applications for this! "
  4. Flash is not a secure format because very few secure natively.
  5. Flash does not work properly on mobile devices.
  6. Flash has a negative impact on battery life of devices.
  7. Flash was designed for computers, mobile devices not touch …

Anyway, do not believe that Adobe completely abandons her baby. In fact, the company now wants to Adobe Air at the center of the use of flash on mobile, in order to give developers the ability to develop compatible applications for distribution on shopping online applications as the App Store.


The decision comes as part of a broader realignment of the company decided to invest even more in the standard HTML 5. The new strategy of the firm is in black and white in a document obtained by ZDNet:

"  Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be refocused on the possibility for developers to produce native applications with the Adobe AIR platform for stores of major applications. we more ready to adjust the Flash Player to mobile future for new browsers, mobile devices and operating systems. Companies that are licensed on the source code can continue to work on it and go their own settlements. We will continue to support the current version of Android and PlayBook with major bug fixes and security updates.  "

The firm still that it would continue to follow up and technical support for integrating Flash devices such as RIM's PlayBook.

Note that unfortunately the equivalent of 750 full-time jobs will be eliminated in North America and Europe with this decision.

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