Adults prefer the iPhone, teenagers opt for the BlackBerry


A up to date survey of the Ofcom in the UK shows that the apple and blackberry have two distinct audiences for our friends across the Channel. If we talk about numbers, it is not less than one adult   who have an iPhone (32%). As for teenagers, 37% of respondents reported having a BlackBerry . An additional point to note, moving together, 58% of owners were male.


This enthusiasm to the BlackBerry for minors explained in two ways. First, the price . From the competitor, no matter what country you are in, we'll have out the wallet as well as to buy the iPhone for its monthly plan. For BlackBerry, the prices are "affordable" for this clientele. To continue, the physical keyboard . We all know, the SMS is a huge success with everyone and especially among college students / pupils. With that of the BlackBerry, the young find a better (?) Comfortable to type texts more quickly with both hands.


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