After the Antennagate, now Apple’s New IPhone 4 Problem Is Being Called "Glassgate".The iPhone 4 is more fragile than previous generations of iPhone. Several months ago, the company SquareTrade studied the rate of claims due to accidents (falling 4 that the iPhone would have resulted in a broken window for example) in order to provide concrete data to determine if the latest iPhone is more or less robust than its predecessor. The study analyzed the returns of 20 000 4 iPhones compared to the return of 3G iPhones. Outcome on the glass of latest Apple: it would break 82% more than the previous iPhone glass.


This was recognized by Donald LeBuhn, an inhabitant of Los Angeles, who filed a class (class-action) against Apple regarding the problem of the glass unit. He says that the glass was broken when her daughter was dropped the phone less than a meter. His former iPhone 3G was already dropped from this height without any damage.

Apple announced at the presentation of the iPhone 4 that the glass was much stronger than plastic.  

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