After the fake Apple Store, Comes a fake App Store Website


It are available threes!&#a hundred and sixty;After the pretend Apple Retailer&#one hundred sixty;in China and that found in Iraq recently, it was the turn instead of the physical store, but Apple's website to be copied. Better yet, it is not to sell products of the mark but simply in order to promote the game "Zhengtu 2" of the Chinese company Giant Network. Once on site, however it can be confusing and this is understandable.


Often imitated, never equaled "could be the new slogan of Apple with this multitude of recent copies disclosed. However, the site tries to be in the "rules" by changing the logo with a pear and not a bitten apple. But in terms of general visual order, neither one nor two, it's all the same. Even the iMac, Apple TV or logo icloud have changed. In other words, a replica so perplexing is that the novice user believes to be in good stan
ding on the version of Apple. 
Missed, Steve Jobs (or Tim Cook) sells apples! Copy "Made in China" is found by going to the following link


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