AirDroid: Android App that Lets Controls any Computer via WLAN and Browser


We wish to introduce you an extraordinarily good app, with every of the Android smartphone Android 2.1 can also be simply managed from any browser on the identical community. After getting put in the app on the cellphone and became on, it signifies a community tackle and a password. The community deal with is brought to any laptop to your browser and it opens a webpage of the smartphones.


Here one enters the password displayed on the phone and you have access to many features of his mobile phone.

The page in the browser is modeled on a computer desktop and very easy to use. There are many little icons that can be used to access the various areas or functions of the phone. The entire menu is in English, but this should pose no problem at.





The following functions are supported by AirDroid:

  • Messages  – send and read SMS
  • Apps  – App Management: APKs install from the phone to the PC shop, from the PC to the phone and delete apps
  • Files,  file explorer for your phone. Here all files or folders are moved and transferred to and from the PC
  • Market  – This is just a link to the Android Market, which opens in a new tab
  • Photos  are a kind of gallery where all photos in Thumbnail view displays and also “large” can be viewed –
  • Music – This shows all music files and play them even directly from a player
  • Ringtones – Here the tones for calls, notifications, and the alarm can be set and new sounds can be imported directly into the Android menu
  • Contacts – Displays all stored on the phone to contacts. These are sorted by the grouping. If you select a contact directly the message history, contact information and the “Call Log” is displayed. Contacts can of course also be edited or added
  • Call Log  – Here you can see the call history of his mobile phone
  • Clipboard  – You get displayed what text in the “memory copy (Ctrl + C)” is the cell phone and can replace it with new. This can be very convenient because you can directly write short texts on the PC and paste it into Android only for apps must
  • Details  – This is the Android version, the memory status of mobile phones and various other things displayed
  • Furthermore, even the current battery level and Wi-Fi and cell phone reception display

In particular, the access to them via wireless is very convenient as for example the Samsung Nexus Galaxy can not be easily connected to Mac and Linux computers. According to the manufacturers of Android 4.0 is supported but not yet perfect, probably so the music can not be streamed to the computer.

The file transfer works only in its own network and not via the Internet. One must note however that the data is not encrypted by SSL. Thus, it is theoretically possible that they can be read within the network. In a private network at home but this is almost impossible.





Incidentally, Samsung users can also rely on a similar app called Air gravel. This has similar features, but is slower to use and designed not so nice. AirDroid can free download from the Android Market to download.



Finally, more screenshots of the app:








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