Although nothing is fully confirmed until it becomes official. A recent rumor said the AirPods would go on sale in late November, or that’s what a store responded to a customer who wanted to cancel their reservation of Apple’s wireless headsets. In fact, the date that store gave was this weekend. Now a new rumor circulates that suggests that we will still have to have a little more patience.

The new release date appeared on the Czech website, where they ensure that the AirPods will arrive before 2016 to the new year. The Czech store expects Apple’s wireless headsets to be ready for delivery just in time for Christmas dates, which could make them appear in all sorts of authorized stores just before December 25, a little late for those who would expect Enjoy them during all the holidays of year-end, but in time for those of Cupertino do not miss a precious sales time.

With this new launch date we already have 3 theories on the table: the shop that told the impatient customer that they would be available during this weekend, today’s rumor that holds that we can buy Apple’s new headsets at Christmas and one more Conservative says we will have to wait until January 2017 to enjoy them.

However, it seems that we will not know when we can buy AirPods until Apple publishes it on their website. With such contradictory information, the best we can do is inform you about all the rumors, but the best thing our readers can do is to have patience. In any case, one thing is clear: less and less.

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