Airpods Charging Case Battery Drain? Here’s A Possible Fix!



Many users have complained about the limited independence of the Airpods charging case and protection of headphones and they contacted Apple for service and its replacement. One of the most successful and best products are being received by users, the charging case battery  drain problem that presents still persists without Apple providing any solution.

Although in most cases there is no problem, it is true that the number of users who are complaining about a rapid discharge of the battery from the AirPods box continues to increase, as, for many, this box-loader is not At the height of the 24-hour autonomy promised by Apple, some users are choosing to change or return their AirPods.

The Apple AirPods are newly available for purchase, albeit in very limited stocks, and unfortunately many users have had problems with the houses and the remaining time does not seem to be able to remain at acceptable levels and shrinking visibly in a few hours and with use minimized. The AirPods do not present problems in most cases, but you should replace in care homes with the faulty battery in order to get new homes with 100% functionality and able to hold a charge and the relative battery life, thus providing an experience d ‘ complete and satisfactory use.

Reset and re-link?

At the end of last week a user of Reedit published how to completely reset the AirPods and synchronize them again with each of the iOS devices allowed the AirPods box to recover its normal operation however, although some users have corroborated that this method Has worked, the solution does not seem to be universal, and a large number of affected users continue to witness sudden drops in the percentage of the battery..

In less severe cases, however – according to what appeared on Reddit, you can fix the problem by means of a small reset to be performed on the headphone homes. If the procedure that we describe below does not work, the case will contact Apple for service to assess how to act.

In essence, the reset / fix is ​​simple, just perform a reset on AirPods. The steps will possibly help you fix this problem:

Step 1: Press and hold the setup button for about 15 seconds, until the light starts flashing orange and then becomes white,

Step 2: Reconnect headphones AirPods devices (you will need to re-configure the double tap to pause if it was active before),
Step 3: Monitor the battery consumption of the case.

In the case in which the problems continue to occur, it will be possible to try with a full cycle of charge / discharge. Alternatively, you will need to contact Apple support for advice and a relative replacement of the defective product.

Recall that AirPods headphones are currently available on the Apple site with up to six weeks delivery, therefore, stocks are limited. It is hoped that assistance is possible to receive replacement products in less time.

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