According to the latest news, it seems that the long-awaited Apple wireless headsets AirPods will be available a few days before Christmas..When Phil Schiller introduced the AirPods during the keynote last September, he announced that we could buy them from the end of October, but by mid-December they are not available yet. Some rumors say we will not be able to buy them until well into 2017, but other reports, such as the latest, say they will be available before Christmas.

The latest information comes from the hand of John Gruber who, citing unreliable sources to 100%, ensures that the AirPods will arrive in time for the Christmas holidays, a time that in Spain officially begins next Thursday December 22 coinciding with the Christmas draw. According to Gruber, the AirPods will be available “in the next few days”.


The fact is that each headset works independently and connect to the iPhone 7 thanks to a specific chip created by the company. Most wireless devices on the market, however, do not work that way, but usually only one is connected to the smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and then sends the information to the other handset.

Apparently, Apple is not willing to miss a shopping time as important as Christmas, so they have put all the meat on the grill so that at least the AirPods make an appearance these days . The bad thing is that, if they finally arrive, few units will arrive, so it pays to be attentive and with the finger prepared to make the purchase from the Apple Store online or from the application of the hardware store of Apple.

(Source: John Gruber on The Talk Show)

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