A week after the release of the AirPods Pro update, 2D15 firmware is now officially available for second-generation AirPods, noted by MacRumors.

Unlike the Pro model, which benefited from an improvement in the background noise cancellation algorithm, it is not clear what the innovations and improvements brought by this new firmware on the second generation standard model. Hopefully, the new firmware brings bugfixes and performance improvements as well as solving the annoying problem that made it difficult to pair the earbuds returned from the support service, sent with a more updated firmware of the headset used previously by the user.

To check if your second-generation AirPods are updated to the latest version, follow these steps:

Make sure to have the AirPods connected to your iPhone/iPad –> Open Settings –> Select General –> Tap About –> Select AirPods –> check the version next to “Firmware Version”.

From there tap on AirPods and you can check the firmware currently installed. This is the third update if we consider that in December they were updated to version 2C54.

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