AirWeb: the primary internet browser for Apple TV



Web trends,  transitioning to large TV  screens are now very popular. All manufacturers are making ‘smart’ TVs and consoles to complement their own production . Such development has a number of disadvantages , including the awkward control .

Developer Christian Arild released mobile app for iOS, which allows you to comfortably surf the Internet using a set-top box Apple. AirWeb – this is the first browser to Apple TV. The application is installed on your iPhone or iPad and broadcasts via AirPlay technology page websites on the TV screen . In this mobile device acts as a remote control with support for multi-touch gestures .

Developer himself AirWeb wonders why Apple itself has not developed such . After all, many users iOS- devices there are also the “apple ” set-top box . And surfing the internet , as you know – one of the most popular ways of spending leisure time.

AirWeb supports iPad mini, iPad 2 and up , iPad Air, iPhone 4s and above, and iPod touch 5G. You can also use the app with the iPhone 4 , the truth will have to connect your phone to the TV via VGA / HDMI- cable. Now you can download AirWeb with 50 percent discount for $0.99.

AirWeb download for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Link]

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