Alice: Siri on Android Alternative


Everybody must through now take into account of the historical past, as a result of Google has been working for a while on their very own model of Siri. Then again, Apple has up their noses on the very entrance, simply since the iPhone has its personal private language assistant. Because the unencumber of the iPhone 4S and in this case additionally of Siri many Android builders are seeking to pull a benefit from it. 


There was even an application called "Siri for Android", which has been posing as an official version of Siri. However, the app was nothing more than the Google voice input with a different surface, so it was removed from the Android Market from Google.

However, there is another app called Alice, which approach comes really close to Siri. Alice is also based on the Google Sprachsteurung and expands its capabilities considerably. Since the application is very fast new users are occasionally overloaded their servers. But I think that this problem will be fixed very soon. Otherwise, Alice works very well and she shines already with many functions. There are some other apps, which are quite similar to Alice, but these are either in German or not at all comparable. Alice provides the following functions at the current time.

  • "Call Thomas" "Thomas calls an", and Sage, for example – call
  • Texting – Say, for example: "Write a text message to Thomas, where are you now? or "Tell Thomas that I'll come back later"
  • E-Mail – Say, for example: "Write an e-mail to Thomas" or "E-mail to Thomas" (must be stored under the contact's e-mail address)
  • Chatbot – Alice question "What is your name?" "What are you doing" etc.?. Alice ask whatever you want!
  • Update Facebook status – for example, forecast: "Poste on Facebook what is going on tonight" or "status update what is going on tonight"
  • Apps start – for example, forecast: "Start Market," "Start Camera" or
  • Translator – Alice can you translate in over 50 languages, for example, forecast: "Translating from German to English Hello how you feel" or "Translate in Italian what does the pizza"
  • Weather query – Alice question is like the weather. For example, say: "How is the weather in Schwäbisch Gmünd"
  • Web search – for you Alice searches the Internet for information. Say for example: "Search for Restaurant in Schwäbisch Gmünd" or "Google for Pizza in Schwäbisch Gmünd"
  • Lamp on / off – Sage, for example: "Turn the light on" or "lamp off"
  • Supports cable and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Alice has a widget and a shortcut button

All the functions listed have all been tested by me and I must say WOW! Everything works and according to the developers are still many more features coming soon. They seem really serious about this and comes to Majel, you're set up with Alice really good.

If you also want to test Alice, you can the application from the Android Market to download.

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