Alicia Keys sells her soul to BlackBerry, her heart to Apple



Increasingly, world stars deployed to new high-tech products to sell them. Increasingly, this is also wrong. Oprah Winfrey tweeted last year from  her iPad tablet Surface how amazing she was.Afterwards she explained that she was bound for the Surface was no official twitter app available.

Alicia Keys makes a similar blunder. Two weeks after she Global Creative Director of BlackBerry has become and promised really only has to use the BlackBerry Z10. The Verge  was the first  to spot tweet from her iPhone.

Yesterday Keys tweeted a lyric from a song by rapper Drake. So far nothing unusual, until it appeared that she had sent this tweet with the Twitter for iPhone app. When this note was removed the Girl On Fire singer tweet her and suggested that she used to be hacked. We discover that no longer very credible.

Would mrs. Keys her BlackBerry now again to the willows have hung again in its acquainted iPhone? Her closing two tweets are at and no longer by means of Twitter for BlackBerry app despatched.

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