All new Features in iOS 5 Beta 4


Considering that Friday, Apple has made ​​on hand the fourth beta iOS 5. The replace from the air has at last been activated. Now, as an alternative of going via iTunes on a pc is the instrument that handles the brand new model to obtain and set up it. You must make a backup of your information prior to performing the operation. 


As every new beta of iOS, this model brings new options and worm fixes:


1. For the first time, Apple is testing the update OTA . Your device will download only files modified in the firmware and install them in areas. The update to IOS 4 5 Beta weighs against nearly 124 MB 700 MB usually. This update does not work on jailbroken devices )

2. The wireless sync was finally activated on Windows.

3. Changing graphical spell: Proposals are now displayed in black bubbles.

4. Lorsqu'iCloud is configured, it is now possible to set up a security question.

5. 9to5Mac discovered a new feature (not activated) called "Wizard." This function will completely control your device with voice, and can adapt to the context or specific information available.


6. Many bug fixes including one in Mail (email with attachment) in Calendar (synchronization) and Photos (random location of the images and another to prevent an image in the background since the application)

7. icon FaceTime is again present in the settings.

8. When synchronizing with iTunes, an error message appears if it fails

9.  When you launch an application that is trying to synchronize (eg music or photos), it is possible to see the items being synchronized.

10 . Added the ability to synchronize data and documents via icloud.


11 . When you save the birthday of a contact, it is now possible to receive a notification that day.

1 2. Notifications on the LockScreen show the time of receipt of the Push

13 . The SMS ringtone for "3 Notes" has been slightly modified.

15. In the menu of a shared image, the word MMS is replaced by the word Message.

16 . Alerts for the calendar in the center Notifications are now accompanied by an icon.


17. Can not use the HotSpot in this beta.

18. The line in the Maps application was modified


Main innovation is that beta 4 is the first beta of Apple on the air available. Users of IOS Beta 3 to 5 from IOS (via Settings> General> Software Update ) called a delta update downloading, only the modifications and not the entire operating system. The delta update for beta 4 depends on your machine between 129 and 136 MB instead of 700 to 800 MB for the complete control system.


Several reports indicate that the update is automatically downloaded and installed on devices that already the third beta was installed. Apple says the update can also delete photos, but that seems not at all the case. It does not seem very likely that users will soon iOS 4 by an over-the-air update to iOS 5 upgrade.

While iOS 5 beta 4 fixes a lot of bugs, it makes other, especially in the Settings application. When an update is ready, is on the Settings icon, a badge is displayed (see picture above).Earlier it was already clear that the update via a 3G network can be downloaded. Who appliance with a power source (outlet, USB port, etc.) is connected, a battery of at least 50% have to install the update. The following video is a demonstration of the new functionality provided.


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