All new models iPhone and iPad to ship in 2014 will receive Touch ID scanner



KGI research research agency issued a forecast that Apple will introduce Touch ID scanner in each new iPad and iPhone shipping in 2014. Among the contenders – two new versions of the iPhone, and next-generation iPad .

iPhone 5s scanner built in the home button, with a thickness of 170 microns ( about twice as thick as a human hair) analyzed layers of the skin and allow to obtain images with a resolution – 500 ppi. Transition to the new process will provide better recognition accuracy and higher reliability .

Deliveries Touch ID fingerprint modules this year will grow by 233% , analysts say. If you believe KGI research sources, second-generation scanners will be more durable than the current version , due to the use of tin .

” To improve the reliability and durability of the sensors Touch ID, Apple will use the tin. To do this, the company uses the technology of laser welding Japanese manufacturer Japan Unix », – writes KGI research.

At the moment, very sophisticated device used in the iPhone only has two actions: unlock smartphone and authorization purchases in App Store. It is expected that with the release of iPhone 6 , new iPad and iOS 8 firmware, the scanner will receive wider functionality.

It is also assumed that mobile payments using Touch ID will be a key function of the next version of Apple firmware. Apple could improve the safety of operations at mobile payments – iPhone and iPad will turn into a reliable electronic wallet .

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