A couple of hours in the past, Apple has made on hand the Gold Grasp model of iOS 4.3 will be available in final form March 11. This new version fixes bugs in the latest beta, and brings some new features. Here is a list of changes appeared in this version:

1. Update the JavaScript engine in Safari. The browser becomes twice as fast.

2. Added functionality iTunes Home Sharing (Sharing) that allows playback of multimedia content from your computer directly on iDevices. To enable this feature simply go to Settings> iPod and enter your Apple ID.

3. The new iPad gestures can still be activated, but not sure they are available in the final version.

4. In the previous beta sounds when taking pictures and screenshots had changed in the Gold Master found the old sounds.

5. The button "Buy More ringtones" was added in the sound configuration. When you set an alarm, or when you change the ringing tone, you will now have the opportunity to buy directly from iTunes via the link connected to the new button.


Download iOS 4.3 GM for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and SDK 
Download iTunes 10.2 for Windows and Mac

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