iPhone 5s and 5c


Arman Nouri eBay user claiming to be selling an alleged real iPhone 5C prototype. The mobile device, which became available on the online auction site has not been announced officially. Presentation of the iPhone 5C is expected on September 10 at a special Apple conference. Seller has placed a modest price to seel the prototype on eBay with an initial rate was only $50. How does the  iPhone 5C prototype landed in the hands of  the Ebay user is unkown.

In contrast to the “metallic” flagship, iPhone 5C entirely made of plastic. Cheaper in the production of material allowed Apple to expand the color gamut of smartphones by the bright colors – blue, lime, yellow, red. Nuri has a prototype iPhone 5C in white.

It is assumed that the iPhone 5C is equipped with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, which means that the performance will be close to the iPhone 5. The experts expect that Apple «would cut» 5C in terms of software, technology, and possibly the camera resolution, but the evidence supporting this rumor yet.

Bidding ends on August 30. August 26 at eleven o’clock in the evening, Moscow time, the maximum amount proposed for the prototype iPhone, was $610. [via AppleInsider]

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