Alleged Apple’s ‘iPhone X’ SIM trays Shows Gold And Silver Colors


iPhone 8

On September 12, Apple will finally presents what we have been talking about for so many weeks, the iPhone 8 / iPhone X / iPhone Edition.. The rumors do not stop, and everything indicates that Apple could present a new color this coming week for the launch.

After the rumble of the iPhone 5c and its thunderous colors, it seems that Apple continues to opt for more classic and elegant tones, after the iPhone 7 RED, now everything points to a new variant or hue of the golden color could come with the iPhone 8.

In the photo of header we can see a photograph filtered by Benjamin Geskin that represents the trays of the cards microSIM of the iPhone 8, although it is extremely difficult not to say impossible to differentiate them from the one of a normal iPhone 7, although perhaps the absence of the engraved IMEI is what most strikes us. These trays have filtered in two colors, to the right we have the tray that we imagine will correspond to the space gray, while to the left we have a tray of golden color with a different than what wwe are used to.

Although sincere, it is not the first time that Apple slightly changes the gold that offers us, so much so that from the iPhone 6 to iPhone SE have been used several shades of golden color in which you can appreciate clear differences. It is true that the range of golds that Apple uses normally do not do justice through photographs, so we will remain cautious until the next day 12, without judging excessively quickly how suitable or not that we find this new color. In the meantime, you can create your own opinion by looking at the photograph that other media have shared.

(Source: Benjamin Geskin [Twitter])

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